Saturday, November 14, 2009

Maafa 21.

Someone left a comment on yesterday's post [Planned Parenthood unhappy with Abortion on Gag Order.] about a documentary detailing the history of contraception and legal access to abortion in the United States as that pertains to Planned Parenthood and the organization's ties to the eugenics movement.
The documentary is entitled Maafa 21. The wikipedia article says the title comes from the Swahili term "Maafa", which means "tragedy" or "disaster", and is used to describe the centuries of oppression and diaspora resulting from slavery. "21" refers to the 'maafa' of the 21st century which is abortion.

The website, writes that Maafa 21 is exposing the hidden and bitter realities of Black Genocide in modern America particularly as it involves Planned Parenthood.
There is a trailer for the documentary that can be found on the website as well as Youtube. To make things easier, I've posted the trailer here.

Those of you who believe that Planned Parenthood works for the good of people and families need to wake up to that fact that the organization is evil at it's very core.

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Al said...

Have seen it & plugged it on my blog. Our local Right to Life group even got it on public access. This is a must see video that needs to be promoted as much as possible.