Monday, November 30, 2009

Swiss Vote to Ban Minarets.

In a referendum held this past Sunday, the Swiss have voted to add the following sentence to their Constitution:
"The construction of minarets is forbidden."
Many in the Swiss government were taken by surprise with the result.
An article in the 10/13/2009 issue of Spiegel Online reported that in a recent survey only 35 percent of the Swiss supported the ban. The ban won with 57.5 percent of the votes.

In a Speigel Online opinion piece, Mathieu von Rohr believes the European Court of Human Rights will step in and declare the ban to be "a violation of freedom of religion and a clear-cut case of discrimination."

Clearly, there are people who are finally coming to the realization that the Islamization of Europe is a real danger. If given a chance to vote, it's likely the Germans would ban minarets as well.

Banning minarets is not the answer, however. If anything, the ban will simply give a false sense of security to those who, rightly, fear Islam.
In Switzerland, Islam will be less visible but the dangers will still be there.

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