Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reality Check.

We should have known that it would not be long after Abby Johnson's conversion that Liberal supporters of abortion would attack her. For those who do not know, Abby Johnson is the former director of a Texas Planned Parenthood abortion clinic who recently renounced abortion, quit her job with Planned Parenthood and joined the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life - a pro-life group that recently moved its headquarters several hundred feet away from the clinic.

RH Reality Check Managing Editor, Amie Newman writes Planned Parenthood Director's Holes in Story Revealed In Recent Radio Interview.

As if the article was not bizarre enough, the comments by some of the pro abortion readers show how totally out of it those folks really are.

Rather than accept Johnson's change of heart, quite a few of RH Reality Checks readers believe Johnson was, perhaps, blackmailed into leaving Planned Parenthood as this comment by someone going by the name arwenivy77 reveals:

"After all I have read about this, I am starting to wonder if perhaps Abby Johnson was intimidated, or as others have suggested, blackmailed into leaving by Coalition for Life. And, perhaps, also blackmailed into telling her sudden new story. The choice to align herself with Coalition for Life, after all the negative things she had to say about them before, seems to suggest other factors at work...I hope with time we'll learn the truth. Perhaps she is trying to protect the well-being of herself and her family. I know this is kind of an out-there, conspiracy-theory-wingnut thing to say, but perhaps the Coalition has taken her as a ideological hostage of sorts, in exchange for, as an example, not harming her or her loved ones? Just a theory."

Another commenter named ack believes Johnson's isn't believeable because she joined an organization and did not start her own:

"I think that I would have a lot more respect for her conversion if she started her own organization. Her experience at the clinic apparently showed her that the tactics used by the CFL were at best ineffective and at worst a form of terrorism (through the death threats, stalking, and harassment). Assuming that she hasn't also suddenly become anti-contraception, why not work on that issue to truly reduce the need for abortion? Why not organize people to lobby for increased support for pregnant women who want to continue the pregnancy, and for mothers in general? There just seems to be a hundred ways she could have changed her stance on abortion but avoid aligning herself with that particular group, which she repeatedly denigrated."

And that site is called RH Reality Check.......a true misnomer, if ever there was one.

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Al said...

RH Reality Check has its own little world it lives in. & in that world, whatever they say is true, no matter how far from the facts they really are.

This is the next salvo in their attack, the 1st being the restraining order.

The sad part is that RH Reality Check's padded room view is 1 that will sell to all those who want to accept their delusions rather than face the truth about abortion.