Friday, March 12, 2010

Appointment with Immigration.

My wife, Cathy has just recently applied for US citizenship. It was a little over a month ago that we mailed the application along with all the pertinent documentation and, of course, the application fee. Yikes! It's not cheap.

Yesterday, she had an appointment at one of the immigration offices in Atlanta for biometrics. This is the 4th time she been fingerprinted since she arrived almost six years ago. We were at this particular office about three years ago and things have really changed. Three years ago, the place was packed with immigrants and immigration officers. Now, the place was nearly deserted. I was expecting to have an hour long wait for her but the process this time was amazingly fast. We suspect that it's because the fees for green cards and citizenship increased substantially not long ago .....I'm sure most are finding the fees too high.

We're waiting now for a letter from USCIS telling her when her next appointment will be. Unless there is some unforeseeable snag, the next time she goes to immigration it will be her last. She only needs the final interview and test. She's been studying the civics and history booklet provided by the USCIS and I'm confidant that she'll pass the test when the time comes.

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