Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shoving Contest.

Washington Post opinion writer, Richard Cohen is not on my list of favorite persons. There doesn't seem to be much that he and I can agree upon.
I last wrote about him in December when he wrote a piece comparing the ban on "same-sex marriage" to the earlier ban on inter-racial marriage. [ see It's the Biology, Stupid. ]

In today's column - When 'reconciliation' equals leadership - he argues that Obama should pull out all stops to get his health care bill passed......even if it requires 'reconciliation' to accomplish it. Cohen admits that polls show Obama's plan to be completely out of favor with the American public. Cohen writes, however; "This is what now passes for a compelling argument against the bill. It is, instead, almost entirely beside the point."

In Cohen's world, Obama's health care plan is desperately needed in this country even though the majority of Americans can't see a benefit. Cohen doesn't come right out and say that the average Joe is too stupid to understand, but he may as well have.

Cohen even goes so far as to compare the passage of Obamacare to Lincoln's signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

The final three sentences of Cohen's rant sum up his anti-democratic views nicely;
"Lead and the people will -- or will not -- follow. Either way, ram the damn thing, Mr. President. Ram it!"

I say, do that, Mr. President and the American people will tell the Democrats to "shove it !" come the November elections.

And Mr. Cohen ...... you can shove it too !


LarryD said...

The cliff is fast approaching, and we're locked in a malfunctioning Toyota.

Robert said...

or, perhaps, a Obamamobile.

Amanda West said...

Dude, he compared it to Lincoln's Emancipation Proclomation?

Haha. What a drama queen...