Wednesday, March 31, 2010

John Cory is Angry. Waah !

There is a petition making the rounds among the Left; this petition was originally an essay for - written by John Cory - entitled I Am Angry. Evidently, the readers of were so impressed by this piece of drivel that there was a demand to transform it into a petition for other angry progressives to sign and have forwarded to an unspecified entity in DC.

The essay is filled with cliches, half-truths and leftist paranoia. Addressing everything Cory gets wrong in his rant would be a Herculien task. The essay is nearly 800 words long and while Hercules may have been up to cleaning the King Augeas' stables, there is far too much crap in this essay for me to comment on every turd dropped by Mr.Cory. I'll do what I can.

In his 2nd sentence, Cory writes,
"I'm tired of pundits and know-nothing media gasbags." and then, immediately becomes a pundit and a know-nothing media gasbag.

He goes on,
"I'm tired of snarky 'inside politics' programming." and then proceeds to write the "snarkiest", hate filled tripe I've come across in quite a long time.

He's angry with the "activist conservative Supreme Court". I suppose it's OK when we have an activist Liberal Supreme Court. He's angry with "A Supreme Court that says money is free speech and corporations are persons except when real people try to hold them accountable for their greed and poisonous ways." In the Progressive's world, "live nude girls" and porn are examples of free speech but corporations paying for political ads isn't. He seems blissfully unaware that the First Amendment's guarantee of freedom of speech was meant to apply to political speech above all else.
The courts don't protect real people who "try to hold them [corporations] accountable for their greed and poisonous ways" ? Our courts are overwhelmed by the lawsuits filed against corporations by real people looking to make a fast buck. The words "lawsuit" "McDonald's" "hot coffee" immediately come to mind.

Mr. Cory doesn't approve of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). FISA was introduced by Ted Kennedy in 1977 and signed into law by Jimmy Carter in 1978. "The act was created to provide Judicial and congressional oversight of the government's covert surveillance activities of foreign entities and individuals in the United States, while maintaining the secrecy needed to protect national security."(source)

He's unhappy about our two wars. He doesn't mention that Noble Peace prize winner, Barack Obama has escalated the war in Afghanistan. I guess Progressives only protest wars started by Republicans. Where are the angry protesters storming the White House over Obama's increased use of Predator drones in the Afghan war?

Concerning the Tea Parties, Cory writes,
"When some Tea Party crank says, 'I want my country back,' I respond, 'No madam, you want your country backward.' " He must have thought this was clever. He uses the "country backwards" line more than once. This reminds me of the uproar from the Left over General Petraeus .....calling him General BetrayUs. All they had was a pun. They seem to think a play on words trumps substance.

Mr. Cory writes,
"They champion superstition over science because it entrenches ignorance and bigotry and captures the easily frightened." The Progressives are hardly champions of science. The Left has attempted to stifle any argument which calls into question man-made global warming. Skepticism is good .....unless it contradicts a Liberal's pre-conceived notion. The Left also conveniently ignores the scientific evidence that a human fetus is a human being. They have no qualms over abortion on demand. They push for embryonic stem cell research which destroys human embryos. Experiments involving embryonic stem cells have never brought about any cure or medical treatment - while adult stem cells have.

He goes on,
"Republicans preach the gospel of fear because fear is darkness and darkness covers their theft of civil liberties and Constitutional principles."
Fear is darkness? The Left preaches fear of the "evil corporations" as well as fear and hatred of the "rich". Progressives long for "equality" but their methods for reaching equality would impoverish the "haves" without enriching the "have-nots". If anything, we should be fearful of the Big Government proposed by the Democrats. As has been said, "Any government large enough to give you everything you want is large enough to take away everything you have."

Of course, what would a Progressive rant be without accusing the Republicans of wanting government to "put its hands inside a woman's body." ? The Left would have us believe that the "anti-choicers", as they call the pro-lifers, are simply men who want to keep all women "barefoot and pregnant". The pro-life stance does not come from any desire to restrict a woman's freedom. As Feminists for Life rightly point out, "Women deserve better than abortion". The pro-life point of view comes from our desire to protect all human beings. Mr. Cory believes that "Empathy, compassion and equality are not pejoratives.They are American values proven again and again throughout our history." That is, unless the empathy, compassion and equality is for the unborn.

Like a previous post [A Question for Progressives.] a link to this post will be sent to known Progressives for response. I doubt there will be any. Liberals are afraid of reading anything that conflicts with their limited world-view. This post will go unread by the Liberals who claim to believe in Freedom of Speech while doing everything in their power to stifle it.

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LarryD said...

Good responses, Robert.

If this guy is so angry, why doesn't he just join the Coffee Party and their 193,000 friends on Facebook? Or go to one of their regional meetings where 5-10 folks show up?