Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Health Care.

Saturday evening, my wife and I had dinner with an old friend of mine. He and I have known each other for decades, though, due to differing schedules - and the fact that we live in different cities - we haven't seen each other in about six years.

Over the years, he and I have changed our political views; we no longer see eye to eye on many issues. However, this has not damaged our friendship. True friends do not, necessarily, have to agree on every cultural or political issue. I have to contrast this with the situation I have with other Liberal friends. One, in particular, looks at me as if I have grown horns in addition to the third eye that is now centered on my forehead.

Of course, the opposite can also apply. I am no longer friends with a certain individual even though our political views are nearly identical. It's an issue of character, not politics.

This post isn't about friendship, but rather, it concerns one of the subjects my friend and I talked about after dinner. He is an Obama supporter. He rightly, sees our health care system as broken, but wrongly - in my opinion - sees Obama as having the solution.

One of the difficulties in discussing the "Obama plan" is that, frankly, Obama hasn't made it known what his plans for health care are in any clear and specific manner. He had laid the nuts and bolts at the steps of Congress and expected the Democrats to come forth with something he could support as his own. Obama's approach really should not have come as a surprise to any of us. Obama has had absolutely no experience in the medical field ..... other than being, like most of us, either a patient or family member of someone who has had medical problems. Never having had any experience in a position of leadership, when it gets down to buck passing, Obama has shown himself to be the polar opposite of Harry Truman.

Health care is expensive. Doctors, hospitals and insurance companies are all in it for the money. What else is new? Our current system may very well implode due to ever raising costs of health care, but do we want the federal government running the show? Would government involvement stop the hemorrhaging of the system or rip out the heart.

I don't have the answers. I don't know how we can improve the situation. I do know that it is impossible to show a program where federal government interference has made things better.

I know it's going to take more than Obama and his Democrat minions giving us a litany of sob stories of how people are hurting and how the government feels our pain.

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Amanda West said...

It says a lot about your character that you have friends of different political opinions.

I know a lot of people who are so closed minded that they just shut everyone else out and write them off, when differences in opinion arise.

But I agree. Whining about health care isn't going to do anything.