Monday, September 26, 2011

Capt. Eddie Shields.......Nigerian Scammer. Part 8.

Misty follows Eddie's advice and contacts Harry to see if he can fix the problem with Homeland Security.

Re: FW: Content Of Your Trunk Boxes
Tuesday, September 13, 2011 6:06 PM
From: "Misty Meaner"
To: "Harry Taylor" (

Mr Taylor,
After contacting my cousin, Mr Eddie Shields, he instructed me to ask you to what ever is possible to straighten out this problem. We will pay you $100,000 from the money in the boxes if you will help.
Thank you,
Misty Meaner

RE: Content Of Your Trunk Boxes
Wednesday, September 14, 2011 2:54 PM
From: "Harry Taylor" (
To: mistymeaner

Hello Madam,

I have receieved your mail, and the contents has been properly noted by me. I am so sorry to let you know that I have discussed this issue with the Homeland security Agents, and I even asked them to take out the fee they need from the money in the boxes since it has already been opened, but they insisted and said the funds cannot be tampered with as they are presently under investigation, and it would be against their law to do so. Haven read your mail, I really appreciate the offer which you are willing to give me, but I cannot come up with all the money that is been needed for this, i would do my best to protect you both from the authorities, i will see what i can do about this. The DHS are requesting for a fee of $15,500 to obtain two anti money laundering forms for the two boxes before the time given. With that i have just contacted my wife in UK to use my car and get a loan from my friend whom i have also spoken to and he has accepted to give my wife the sum of $3500 the moment she gets the Car to him.

That is the worth of the car and he said he can't loan me any amount above that because he doesn't have much money to give at this time. My wife will have the $3,500 sent later today, so you will have to try from your end and see that the remaining balance is raised as this is the little that can come out of me as am a poor man who lives on my salary and takes care of a family of three kids.

The Capt told me that he would be making a payment of 8,000 I have just sent him the information he would be needing to get this delivery rounded up. Note, the boxes are already opened, and I have talked to the authorities concerning taking the fee that is needed from the boxes, but they have refused to allow that as this is a serious case is still under investigations. But I have been assured that with the forms needed, the boxes would be released and delivered to you asap. Your cousin is coming up with $8000, and I would be having 3500 by tomorrow so we are presently short of $4000, you just have to try your best and lets see that this case is resolved

I will be glad if you can get the remaining balance and i apologize for not being able to pay for the whole fee.

Get back to me asap, I'll let you know when the $3500 has been sent tomorrow Sir.


Re: Fw: Content Of Your Trunk Boxes
Thursday, September 15, 2011 5:23 PM
From: "USA Army" (
To: "Misty Meaner"

Hello Cousin Misty,

Hope you are having a wonderful day today ? Well i write to inform you
that I have succeeded in making the payment of $8000 today early today
as i stated in my previous mail to you, It was not easy, as I had to
take a very big risk to do this and I would be in a mess if the money
would not be paid back in a weeks time because I had to tamper with my
units funds which no one knows about, this can cost me my career that
is why i would need this to be done as quick as possible.

Have you gotten any news from Harry yet ? He informed me that he would
be helping us with $3500 today, which is a very great and good news
for us. We are really progressing and I want it to be this way. With
this present achievement that has been attained at the moment, we are
still short of a total of $4000 as a total of $11,500 would be made
available today for our funds of 40 million usd to be released and not
confiscated. I know how hard this must be for you, no body ever
bargained for this, I had every thing taken care of before this
incident because the boxes never had any of such problem till it Got
to the USA.

I am just letting you know that you do not have to look at this like
am begging you to help me with money, no money was not going to be a
problem here as I had already spent a lot to make sure the boxes got
to the USA safely, This is our happiness which we are in pursuit of, I
just need you to try your very best so our boxes don't get confiscated
after all we have been through, just try and see whom you can borrow
from or any way at all you can help, we would have been very happy by
now if this did not happen, Please help here, put your self in my
shoes and know what am talking about, check the stress from the
beginning right from when the boxes were discovered and now, It has
not been easy,and I do not want my efforts to be a waste Lets get this
done, no matter how much you can start up with, It would really be
appreciated. I am so Happy for Harry here, Upon he has nothing to do
with the boxes, he is willing to help us with 3500, I really
appreciate because people like him are just like you, so hard to find,
trust worthy and reliable. Hope your day is going fine, no matter
what, don't stop praying for we soldiers down here, I want to come
back alive and officially celebrate our success together. Do not fail

God Bless

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