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Capt. Eddie Shields.......Nigerian Scammer. Part 11.

Misty is involved in an accident after leaving the bank. Her good friend, Wanda Tuinphro contacts Capt. Eddie.

concerning Misty Meaner

FROM: Wanda Tuinphro
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 2:39 AM

Dear Capt. Eddie Shields,
My name is Wanda Tuinphro. I am a very close friend to Misty Meaner.

I have very sad news to relate to you. Our dear friend was involved in a horrible accident. She is in the hospital....she is in a coma and we do not know if she will survive.

She was on her way to the groinocologist when she was struck down by a police car. The details can be found on this news story.

Before she went into the coma, she asked me to contact you. She told me that you are in need of help. I do not know the details of your problem but I will do as my dear friend asks of me. Please let me know how I can help you and pray for our dear friend.

Wanda Tuinphro.

Re: concerning Misty Meaner
TO: Wanda Tuinphro
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 1:35 PM

Hello Wanda,
I am Capt.Shields, sorry for the very late response to your mail, If
your friend Misty told you, I am not in the USA at the moment, I am
presently in Afghanistan, And I have been so busy i just got to check
my mail now.

This news is a very big shock to me, I am very scared and surprised at
the moment, what foolish police officer is this ? She told me she was
going to see her Gynecologist yesterday, only to come back and here
this. Please is she ok ? How is she responding to treatments ? Kindly
get me the names of the police officers involved in this, And i would
pay them back with the rewards they deserve. I am Capt Eddie shields,
what is important now to me is the life of our dear friend, I just
hope she makes it. Can you kindly give me your e-mail address ? If you
have a yahoo account I would love to chat with you or a direct phone
number I could reach you with. Please mail me back as soon as you get
this, I am in tears at the moment, I just want to know she is alive
please. I expect your kind response Wanda

God Bless


Re: concerning Misty Meaner
FROM: Wanda Tuinphro
TO: USA Army
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 3:24 PM

Dear Capt Shields,
Thank you for your kind words.

We are all praying for Misty. She is in a coma and is unconscious. We are praying that she will survive.
The dear girl has told me nothing about you....only that she was helping you and I should contact you. This is my private email and you can reach me here when I am not at the hospital. When Misty last spoke to me, she was concerned about a problem you have. Please let me know if I can be of any help to you for her sake.
I will keep you up to date on her condition.

Re: concerning Misty Meaner
FROM: Capt.eddie Shields
TO: Wanda Tuinphro
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 6:16 PM

Dear Wanda,
Thanks for the quick response, I am very shocked and lost or words, this life we are living in is nothing at all, great things happen with a twinkle of an eye, I am at the war front, and I know what am talking about, but I have this believe deep down inside of me that She would survive the accident. How about the police men that hit here ? what is their fate at the moment ? If they don't do justice to them, then they would have to wait till I return back to the states and handle this in my own way.

Now talking about your friends request, I really do not know where to start from, your friend Misty, is a very trustworthy person and a nice lady, she was helping me receive some packages i sent to the USA from here for safe keeping till I return back by the month of December, It is a very long story but I would have to cut it short and let you know about this. The two boxes contained 40 million USD, they are part of the spoils from the war down here in Iraq, The funds in question was discovered by my unit During our war campaign in Iraq my team was responsible for a lot of raids on Saddam Hussein (Iraqi former president) palaces and while one of such raids was going on we discovered the sum of $140 Million dollars packed into military trunk boxes and hidden in Saddam's underground secret chambers. As a soldier my first instinct was to report this, but on a second thought I have sacrificed years of my life to serving and protecting my great country, most of us have lost friends and loved ones in the line of duty for me i have been married twice of which none ever lasted for up to 3 yrs due to the nature of my job. My 18 yrs old son turned to drugs as he lacked parental guidance and eventually died from overdose as a matter of fact i can't begin to mention all my sacrifices and losses but know that the glory of America is built on our pain & blood, this is why I decided to use this opportunity to make some fortune for myself since the funds belonged to an ex tyrant whom we captured and has been executed by the International court of justice. As the leader of my unit i reported $100 million dollars out of the funds we discovered and used my position to ship the remaining $40 million dollars out of here to the USA for safekeeping until after my assignment as we have been deployed to Afghanistan to help out with the on going war on terror.

Now these boxes safely arrived the USA without a problem, and was supposed to be delivered to Misty some days back before we had a little problem with the Homeland security. The diplomat in charge of making the delivery was getting ready to deliver to misty as he was already in Tennessee before the problem came up with the authorities. Note this was not known by anyone apart from me and Misty, we kept this as a very big secret and you should be a witness to that because she never told you a thing about this despite how close you both are, we had to leave it this way because of the sensitivity of involving a third party, but for the fact that your friend asked you to contact me, then she must have trust in you, therefore I would do the same. Also bear in mind that trust here has to be like a 2 edge sword, it must be both side. To cut the long story short, since Harry(the delivery man) was not aware of the content of the boxes, he willingly allowed the authorities inspect them because these boxes has a secret unlock code, but it was scanned and forcefully opened when the Homeland Security discovered its content. I and Misty were both shocked when this happened because we never expected this as the same boxes had to go all the way from here to the states and was never stopped for any reason due to the immunity it has a military consignment, it just turned out to be different there in Tennessee. Finally we were charged a fee of $15,500 to obtain 2 anti money laundering forms which was the only we could get the funds released and delivered to Misty, and to also avoid trouble from Happening. Due to my location, I was able to take a risk and raise $8000, the diplomat Mr.Harry helped us with $3500, and Misty was supposed to come up with the remaining $4000 yesterday. I do not know how this is going to work out now with her present condition because I am presently stranded on what to do from here, we were actually given a short period of time to get this done, and I had to let the authorities know of what is going on at the moment, I know I am risking this deal, if we waste more time as I could loose all this, but my fingers are just crossed at the moment.

Are you sure you can help me and our dear friend in the completion of this deal, I do not mind a change of address if the boxes would have to go to your for the mean time at least so it would be somewhere safe, we are still short of $4000, and I do not know how to go about this from here. Please I have told you the much I can, and I beg you that you keep this as a secret please. Write me an e-mail as soon as you get this and let me know where i stand at the moment. I have also added you to my yahoo messenger in-case you need to chat with me. Just write me an e-mail here, and I would make out time to respond to you. I just cant find sleep with this kind of news, I feel so bad and in pain, I just want Misty to be fine, I will keep praying for her.

God Bless

Capt. Eddie

Re: concerning Misty Meaner
FROM: Wanda Tuinphro
TO: Capt.eddie Shields
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 6:36 PM

Dear Eddie,
This is all a shock to me.
As for the police......they will probably go free. That is the way things are here.

I have to tell you the truth about me and Misty. As I know you are aware, same sex couples can marry in parts of this country. Misty and I were secretly married; he father would disown her if he found out. I will go to the apartment where she and I live to see if I can find information about the $4000. I know she was going to the bank before her appointment with the groinacologist.

I will contact you if I can discover anything.

I hope you understand my relationship with Misty. I hope you will not back out of this deal now that you know the truth about us.


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