Wednesday, November 23, 2011

System Fix Malware.

My wife's laptop has become infected with a particularly nasty bit of malware/virus called "System Fix".

As one website explains it:

"System Fix is another fake computer optimizer that tries to scare computer users into purchasing it's fake licence [sic]. As it's previous versions (System Restore, Data Restore, Data Repair...) this fake computer optimizer uses various ways to scare computer users into thinking that their computer hardware components has serious issues and that they could loose their stored information. System Fix is spread through misleading websites that are able to install this rogue program on users computer using security vulnerabilities. When System Fix installs itself on your computer it will flood your desktop with various warning messages stating that there are critical errors in your computers Ram memory, System drive, System registry. Furthermore System Fix will hide your desktop icons stating that there are bad blocks on your HDD surface. If you click "Fix Errors" button after the scan you will be asked to purchase a full version of System Fix in order to eliminate the found hardware issues. You shouldn't buy System Fix - it's a fake computer optimizer a totally useless program created by Internet criminals to trick unsuspecting computer users. All the computer scans and security messages stating about hardware malfunctions are fake".

Her anti-virus software did not stop it. We tried removing it with Spyware Doctor with no luck. We'll have to try professional help.

From what I've read, it's likely she picked up the bug on Facebook. I'll be clearing off Facebook today. I don't use all the apps and games like she does, but better safe than sorry.


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