Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Ratings.

At the bottom of each post for this blog, there is a widget (or whatever it's called) to something called LinkWithin, which gives my readers reader suggestions for similar posts. Occasionally, I'll click one the links myself, just to review something I posted ages ago.

I did that yesterday - re-reading a post from April 11,2008 -Feeding Cannibals. After reading the post, I redid the test, only to discover that, four years later, my body would still feed the same number of cannibals. Ten.

There are other quizzes on the site; one in particular grabbed my attention - What's My Blog Rated. You put in the url, and you get a rating similar to the film ratings, G, PG, R etc.

I was surprised to see my humble blog given a PG-13 rating because of my use of the words abortion and death . Wow.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how some others rated. Two blogs I checked where given PG ratings; Puff's Blog about Stuff for the words gun,hell and death and Creative Minority Report for using the words hell and abortion.

Obviously, the folks behind the quiz don't like any discussion of abortion.

I was really surprised to find the pro-life blog, Les Femmes - The Truth given a very serious looking R rating.

Finally, I wanted to get the rating for LarryD's blog.

First, I put in the url for the old blog . Like Puff and the guys at CMR, his old blog drew a PG rating. (for the words pain and dick )

His new blog,, was rated G. I guess now that he's gone over to Wordpress, he's become all Mr. Goody Two Shoes.

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LarryD said...

Rated G? I'm surprised.

If you recall, the Cuss-o-meter I used to have up at AofthA 1.0 was at 0%.

I work hard to make sure I don't use any %$#@*& cuss words.