Friday, February 10, 2012

Mr. X Speaks His, huh.....Mind.

In the original Dragnet television series, we were told that the stories were true, but the names had been changed to protect the innocent.

In this little story, I won't be identifying the other person because I really don't want the hassle that naming names would produce. Fortunately, it isn't very likely that he's going to be reading this post, so I'm safe, as far as that goes. Let's just call him Mr. X , for the sake of convenience.

Yesterday, Mr. X attempted to engage me in a political conversation. I really was in no mood for that. When he asked which Republican candidate I preferred, I told him I had not decided. He went on to explain to me why he couldn't vote for any of the three. ( there was no mention of Ron Paul - perhaps he's never heard of him ).

Mr. X told me he could not support Mitt Romney because Romney had too much money. He said he didn't care if Romney inherited the money or if he made it himself; someone that rich, Mr. X told me, would be unaware of the problems we common folk experience.

He reasoning for not liking Gingrich or Santorum was based on the fact that he didn't want to have a President name Newt.....he just didn't like the name; and he thinks Santorum sounds too much like sanatorium.

Fortunately for us, he doesn't vote all that often. He's certainly not going to vote in the upcoming Republican primary in Georgia. There's also a even money possibility that he won't be voting in the Presidential election this fall.

Thank Heaven for small favors.

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