Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Day.

Yesterday's ennui took me into Dumaguete for a bit of window shopping. Cathy and I first went into Cang's department store to purchase two pair of trousers for JP. It's not easy finding pants that fit him properly. He's what some might affectionately call chubby, and pants that fit him in the waist need considerable hemming on the legs.

While at Cang's, I bought a couple of pizza slices from a Greenwich Pizza kiosk. Maybe I was just hungry, but these two slices raised my opinion of Filipino pizzas.

Outside the department store, a representative of a cable service had set up a stand. I obtained information on the price of cable and high speed Internet. The prices look quite reasonable to me. I have a few things on my to-do list concerning the house; I'll look into getting the cable service after the electrical to-do list is finished next week.

A short walk from Cang's brought us to AM Builder's Depot, which has a wide selection of floor tiles. When we get ready to lay the new tiles, we'll go back.

I purchased a shovel at the Builder's Depot, and this morning after taking JP to school, I began clearing a small area beside the house where I'll put out bell pepper plants. The plot isn't very big, but clearing the spot was great exercise. It's not difficult getting up a sweat here -it's so darn hot- but this time the sweat came from hard work.

I won't be able to plant the bell peppers for several weeks -my seeds haven't arrived yet- but the plot will be ready whenever the seedlings are; I'm going to Papa's place this weekend to gather up a bucket of cow manure. I can hardly wait.

As I write this, one of the strongest typhoons to ever hit Manila is pounding the city. Fortunately for us, we are far from Manila. It's raining very hard here in Sibulan, but we're OK. Today, the rain here comes and goes quickly, much like it does in Rome, GA whenever there's a hurricane in Florida or Louisiana. I pray for the souls north of us,and I'm thankful to God that we are spared from the worse.

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