Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hello From Philippines

It’s just a little after midnight, July 5. We’ve been in Philippines for just a few days and I haven’t completely acclimated to the time difference. The trip over from the U.S. of A. was - how shall I put this- an absolutely Hellish experience. At one point, it appeared that we might not even make the trip.

There’s no reason to go into all that now. We’ve arrived; everyone is safe and sound, and we’re no worse for wear. There may come a time when I might feel up to reliving the voyage enough to write about it, but this is not the time. We’ll just move on and look to the future. 

The wife and I went to a school here early Friday morning to enroll our eight year old in. Monday, he’ll take an entrance test; we’ll purchase his books and uniforms and he should start school on Tuesday.

With sister-in-law accompanying us, my wife and I shopped for a few pieces of furniture. We found a bed, mattress and dresser which we’ll pay for and have delivered later today. The dresser will allow us to put away the clothes and take a step toward emptying the Balikbayan boxes that we began shipping months ago.
We won’t be able to buy all the furniture we need right away. The house need quite a bit of renovation and the budget is tight.

Several of my former co-workers were under the impression that my retirement would be filled with idyllic days on the beach laying in the sun or fishing. No; I’ll be much too busy for that. I’m hoping I can find the time to get some writing in.

I haven't been exactly filling the blogoshere with posts (exciting or otherwise) lately. Now that we've arrived, I expect to do more on the blog.

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