Tuesday, July 15, 2014


My dear friend, Big Lew humorously predicted that, when I was finally retired and living in Philippines, my blogging output would substantially increase, even to the point, he figured, until I was blogging several times a day.

He wasn't  exactly  on target, but he didn't miss by much.

The boredom is nearly unbearable.

It isn't that there aren't jobs that need doing, but there are things standing in the way. As I've mentioned before, the house is in need of renovating, but until my next social security payment is deposited in the bank, I don't have the funds available to buy materials and pay the laborers.

I can't begin my gardening projects until the next balikbayan box arrives with the vegetable seeds. We had hoped that the box would arrive this week, but now it appears that it will be at least two more weeks, if not longer, before the cargo reaches Dumaguete.

About the only thing I can do now is window shop. I can't even surf the Internet the way I'd like. The WiFi I'm forced to use isn't very reliable. I'll have the money in a few days to have the cable and high speed Internet connected, but I have no idea how long it will take for the Filipino version of Larry the Cable Guy to get it all connected.

Another problem getting the High Speed Internet connected is the fact that my desktop PC and router is in a balikbayan box. I don't care so much about connecting the cable just for the TV; I'm sure the kids would love it,though.

My original plan concerning the PC was to not ship it via balikbayan box but rather bring it in my checked bags when we flew over. Thank God, I reconsidered that. Bringing our bags to Philippines from the US was a horror beyond words. I can't imagine the added stress having the additional weight of a PC and monitor would cause. I'm just hoping that nothing is damaged when the boxes finally arrive.

I'll get myself cleaned up and head into town; as I said, I can always window shop.

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