Friday, August 8, 2014

Change Is Good.

When we first arrived in Sibulan and started making use of the "easy ride" as our means of getting to and from Dumaguete, we assumed that 10 pesos per person was the standard fare. We'd give 30 pesos if the three of us were riding together, or 20 if just two, and so on. But, what we did not realize is that the fare is actually 8 pesos per head and drivers were not giving us the correct change.

It's only been within the last few days that I came to learn the amount that we should have been paying all along.

It's really amazing. Yesterday, I had to take four different easy rides - taking JP to school and back. Each of the four drivers gave me correct change. That's the first time that has happened since we've arrived.

Now, knowing the correct fare, I'm trying to make certain that I have the correct amount in coins before boarding. I don't want to tempt someone into trying to cheat me.

Look, I know that we're talking about really small amounts of money. 10 pesos is only worth about 25 cents in U.S. currency, but it's the principle, right? Taking J.P. to school this morning, plus my return home, should cost 24 pesos total. I had been being overcharged and paying 30. That 6 pesos difference is nearly the cost of one trip. It does add up when one has to make several trips in a week's time.

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