Friday, August 15, 2014

More Boxes.

Thursday afternoon, the two balikbayan boxes shipped via LBC arrived. These are the ones that we've really been waiting for.

For J.P., the boxes contained his remaining Wii games and accessories. He's happy about that, as well as the several cans of Walmart brand Vienna sausage - the only brand he likes - and the large quantity of chili powder.

For me, my desktop PC; I've already checked it out, and everything is working just fine. On the plus side, that PC is connected to a VPN so I can get around the geographical restrictions placed on us by Spotify and Netflix, to name just two. The only problem, so far, is that the slow Internet connection isn't good enough for streaming. Both Spotify and Netflix require high speed, broadband Internet, something we don't have presently. Hopefully, we'll have that problem taken care of after my next payday.

I can't go without mentioning the garden seeds. Inside the box holding my steel toe boots, I stashed a wide variety of agricultural seeds. As mentioned in earlier posts, I won't have as much space for gardening as I thought I'd have. I've already set out a tray containing bell pepper and tomato seeds. I have quite a few packs of tomato seeds, but unfortunately, I didn't send nearly enough bell pepper seeds. That's because the bell pepper seeds were so very expensive; nearly 3 times the cost of other seeds.

While I'm waiting on the first seeds to germinate, I'll finish clearing the plot of pesky stones and add the carabao manure to the soil.

It's difficult to say right now which seeds will follow these first ones. I'll have to see just how many plants I have to set out. I will probably put out okra and yellow squash next. There isn't very much space, but I believe I'll have room for one or two squash plants near the edge.

Sadly, many of the seeds I have are for plants that require a lot of room; plants like watermelon, cantaloupe, yellow and zucchini squash, as well as butternut squash and pumpkin. The hot peppers, the sweet peppers and tomatoes won't take up so much space. Neither will the okra.

I won't be doing much in the way of work today, however. I've picked up a cold somewhere. There's nothing worse than a chest cold in Philippines. It's the summer cold from Hell. I'll take it easy for a day or two. I'm sure I'll feel better before long.

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