Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shoveling the B.S.

 No, this blog post is not about the political situation in the United States.

I spent the first part of the morning shoveling "B.S"., or I guess, more correctly, "C.S".. "C" as in carabao rather than "B" as in bull. Most of my friends might tell you that that is nothing new, I'm always shoveling the "B.S"., but today it's a bit different. I'm referring to honest to goodness, for real carabao manure. As it turned out, there were several carabao in the field when we collected the manure, and I have no idea if this is from a male or female carabao. So, the "C" in "C.S". could very well stand for cow.

It's still a bit early, I don't have seedlings yet ready for planting, but I got out my shoving and my gigantic bag of manure and went out to my garden plot. And spread I did.

I have way more than enough to spread around. I didn't put out all I have. I dug and spread and dug.

I've done enough for the day. I've showered and shaved and now I'm sitting under the electric fan enjoying my new beverage of choice.

I do have one tiny little seedling sprouting in my seedling tray. If it isn't from some stray, random seed that just happened to drop in, it should me my first tomato seedling. I'll know better when it's a bigger. I'll wait and see before I take a progress photo.

. I wish I could say that the photo below was a photo of my garden plot; but, it's a photo of the field where we gathered the carabao manure.

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