Friday, March 25, 2016

A LarryD Trifecta......Part Two.

Number two in my LarryD trifecta relates to his post Pot Experts: Jesus Smoked Pot, And He Used It To Cure People, where Larry links to a Holy Week story from which claims that "historical and scientific research suggests that Jesus Christ may have been an avid marijuana user, and experts say he may have also used the plant to heal sick people."

His post reminded me of my post from March, 2008 Was Moses a Dopehead?

As an aside:

Google is a funny thing. If you search the phrase -Was Moses a Dopehead- my post naturally shows as the first link. However, if you search the images for - Was Moses a Dopehead- several of the images used by me on this blog will appear.......but not the actual image I used for that post.

Go figure.

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