Wednesday, March 23, 2016


When we left the U.S. of A. for life in Philippines, I brought along several packets of a variety of vegetable seeds. These were sent inside a balikbayan box. I've chronicled my lack of success with these seeds when we first arrived.

After we moved into this apartment, the seed packets have set in a desk drawer ..... nowhere to plant the seeds here.

I decided to give the gardening project one more try. If the seeds sprout, we can plant the seedlings on the property in Maslog. About 10 or 12 days ago, I cut the bottoms of 3 plastic water bottles, filled each with soil from the landlord's flower bed and planted tomato seeds into each of the 3 bottle bottoms. When the seeds had not sprouted after a week, I decided to try butternut squash seeds. As one can see, the tomato seeds have still not sprouted, while the squash seeds have begun doing their job.

Perhaps this climate is not suited for tomatoes. I haven't come across any decent looking tomatoes in any market or grocery here. Oh, there may be tomatoes, but the ones you find are pathetically small. I've never come across a large tomato grown in Philippines. I was hoping to change that, but sadly, my seeds don't seem to be doing anything.

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