Monday, February 18, 2008

George Bush in Africa.

If one were to believe the Left in this country,the popularity and credibility of the United States is at an all time low.Of course, they also put the blame for this on George W. Bush.
Just before his departure for his African tour, the Chicago Tribune had this article on Bush and Africa; saying, "Bush gets restrained praise on Africa.Tour will highlight administration's aid, but ongoing conflicts detract from gains, some critics say".
As it turns out, Bush is being greeted by thousands of cheering people upon his arrival. Who would have thought that Bush would be basking in rare adulation on his African tour?
Bush has spent more money on aid to Africa than any other US President, and is popular on the continent for his personal programs to fight AIDS and malaria and to help hospitals and schools.
According to Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete,because of the U.S. anti-malaria program under Bush, 5 percent of patients tested positive for the disease on the offshore islands of Zanzibar in 2007 compared to 40 percent three years earlier.
Bush's legacy in Africa would be saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of mothers and children who would otherwise have died from malaria or AIDS and enabling millions of people to get an education, Kikwete said.
Not only has Bush given more aid to Africa than Bill Clinton's administration, he pledges even more aid to fight malaria in Africa.
Never the less, I won't hold my breathe waiting for the Bush-haters to acknowledge the President's positive contributions.

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