Wednesday, February 20, 2008

McCain's Choice for VP.

Much to the dismay (and dislike) of a good many Republican conservatives, it looks as if John McCain will get the Party's nomination.Many of these conservatives....myself included....have seriously considered not voting in the Presidential election this November rather than vote for McCain.
The Democrats appear ready to nominate Obama (assuming Clinton isn't able to pull off a coup d'etat during the convention).Many of those conservatives contemplating not participating might vote never the less if the Democrats ran with Hillary, but the prospect of Obama as the Democratic candidate probably won't motivate the anti McCain Republicans to vote.
Traditionally, a Presidential candidate will choose a Vice-Presidential running mate that balances the ticket as a way of attracting voters he wouldn't otherwise get.Right now, Huckabee is staying in the race, most likely in an attempt to force McCain to choose him for VP.
This would be a big mistake.
Huckabee might bring in a few votes for McCain....but not many. Anyone who'd go for Huckabee isn't likely to vote for a Democrat and having him on the ticket won't bring in any new voters.
The logical choice for the Republican's Vice President nominee is Condoleezza Rice. As Secretary of State, Rice beats Obama and Clinton when it comes to the experience needed. Anyone doubting that she is more than qualified for the job need only check out the article on her at wikipedia.
Picking the right VP is going to make all the difference for McCain. I hope he's listening.


Dominique said...

Condi Rice feels like Barack and Hilary combined. I think she's tougher than the two of them combined. Not a bad choice, actually, but that would take her out of where the prospective Republican winner would need her most. (Veeps tend not to do anything.)

Just curious, though: is there still a major issue at stake here, e.g., War on Terror, or is it down to personality, as a Time (or Newsweek) article suggests?

RTS said...

As far as the average American voter is concerned,it's "damn the issues".Most will vote on which candidate "feels" right to them.
The idea that the majority knows best isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Condi as VP could be just a stepping stone for her....McCain has some age on him; he's in his early 70's.

Dominique said...

Does Condi satisfy your criteria for smaller government and free enterprise?

By the way, you might want to check out this other blog I'm following: It's from a cop in Jackson, MI. Deeply Christian. Not Catholic, but there are several things I think you'll agree with.

RTS said...

Condi has been with GW Bush for so long it would be hard to say.....he hasn't lived up to it.

RTS said...

I'll put a link to that blog here.

Tom Niblock said...

Well said. Secretary Rice is highly regarded and would make a fine VP choice.