Friday, February 22, 2008

Libertarians For Life.

I could never vote for a candidate who is a member of the Democrat Party.The Party is pro big government, pro socialist and worst of all, in my view,pro abortion.
For many years I felt as if my only choice was the Republican Party.The Party was for small government, capitalism, individual freedom and pro life. Now, with the top two vote getters in the party being McCain and Huckabee, the idea of small government and free enterprise seems to have flown out the window.
I was reluctant to choose the Libertarian candidates because of what I believed was the Party's pro abortion stance. The little I knew about the Libertarians came from listening to radio talk show host Neal Boortz who is a rabidly pro abortion Libertarian.
Things may have changed, however.
I've learned that there is a pro life wing to the Libertarians.Calling themselves Libertarians for Life, their website is
I've looked at some of their literature and it looks like I may have found a new political home. I still have a long way to go before I get through the whole thing but it certainly looks worthwhile to me.
This comes from their site:

"Libertarians for Life was founded in 1976 to show why abortion is a wrong, not a right. Our reasoning is expressly scientific and philosophical rather than either pragmatic or religious, or merely political or emotional. Politically, of course, our perspective is libertarian. Libertarianism's basic principle is that, under justice, each of us has the obligation not to aggress against (violate the rights of) anyone else -- for any reason (personal, social, or political), however worthy.
The Libertarian Case Against Abortion
To explain and defend our case, LFL argues that:
1. Human offspring are human beings, persons from fertilization.
2. Abortion is homicide -- the killing of one person by another.
3. There is never a right to kill an innocent person. Prenatally, we are all innocent persons.
4. A prenatal child has the right to be in the mother's body. Parents have no right to evict their children from the crib or from the womb and let them die. Instead both parents, the father as well as the mother, owe them support and protection from harm.
5. No government, nor any individual, has a just power to legally depersonify any one of us, born or preborn.
6. The proper purpose of the law is to side with the innocent, not against them."

Beats the heck out of the Obama / McCain option.

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