Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Obama "Dressed" Photo.

Someone connected to Hillary Clinton's campaign found a copy of this 2006 photo of Barack Obama and,of course, that "someone" made sure the photo made it's way onto the Internet.
Obama's campaign accused Clinton's people of "shameful offensive fear-mongering" for releasing the photo.
I don't quite see the point of that reaction.
Sure, Obama looks pretty ridiculous in the Somali costume, but does anyone really think he's a secret Muslim or something?
It's long been a practice among politicians to find and publish unflattering photos of their opponents. Not even the candidate's relatives are immune from having the same treatment.
Does anybody really care? Is a photo like this going to change anyone's opinion of a candidate?
Politicians will do just about anything; dressing up in a weird, local costume is standard fare for pols traveling abroad.
Maybe that's why we don't see too many of them traveling to Scotland.

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