Monday, February 25, 2008

More Dangerous than Terrorism......

According to this article, governments are spending too much time and money fighting terrorism while fighting obesity, smoking and a lack of exercise should take a higher priority.
One "expert" was quoted, as saying,

"While we've been focussing so much attention on that we've had this silent epidemic of obesity that's killing millions of people around the world and we're devoting very little attention to it and a negligible amount of money."

While I'm sure obesity kills more people every year than, say, terrorist bombings, obesity is more a lifestyle issue. Who does not know that too much food and too little exercise can make one fat?

I'm finding it hard to see the comparison between a self correcting problem like obesity and the possibility of being an innocent bystander in a terrorist attack.
Greater than terrorism may be the notion (held by too many people in our society) that the government is the solution to any and all of our problems.

In the third world, governmental incompetence exacerbate the problems that cause poverty and, in the West, we expect incompetent governments to solve the problems caused by our relative wealth.

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