Thursday, February 21, 2008

McCain's Choice for VP. Part 2.

Always one to do things bass ackwards, after posting "McCain's Choice for VP", I took a cruise on the Internet to see what others were thinking vis a vis McCain's possible pick as a running mate.
A site called Right Wing News had "John McCain's Top 24 Potential Picks For Vice-President"
24 seems a bit much, but the piece was informative. I especially liked what the writer had to say about Republican Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn:
"The TN Congresswoman is attractive, has a superb personality, and has a 97% lifetime ACU rating. She would be a fantastic choice if McCain wanted to reach out to conservative voters and women voters at the same time. Of course, Blackburn has only been in office since 2002, but that still makes her more experienced than Barack Obama. How seriously McCain would look at Blackburn is hard to say, but at first glance, she would appear to be an excellent choice for Veep."
I took a look at her on wikipedia and I believe I could vote for her.

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