Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Adventures of Patel Quien Jelo; Part 1.

Yesterday, I began telling the story of the email scammer going by the name Patel Quien Jelo.In that post, I put the emails on a web page hosted by a free wee hosting service. I was having trouble with the web host so, I decided to change the format and keep the story solely on the blogspot page with no switching back and forth from to here.With that in mind, I will repost part 1 now with part 2 to follow today. I know this may be a bit boring for the ones that read the blog yesterday, but in the long run it will work better.

The first email:
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 2008 05:17:51 +0100 (WEST)
Subject: From Patel Quien Jello,Please I Need Your Help
From: "patelquien"
Good Day,
My Name Is Patel Quien Jello,
I,m a single . I come from Sierra leone.dear I,m interesting to be your friend after seeing your profile details here as i want to relocate to your area soonest .I need to hear from you and have something important to discuss with you . I need your help over my fund clearance and transfer for investment and will write you in details once i hear from you.and i will send more of my photos and ID for you to know me
Amount he deposited in
the finance company is valued $9.5 which i need your help for the clearance and transfer into your country where i want to relocate and have a good life I need your help for the clearance and transfer of the fund into your account for investment and want to let you know that am communicating you via public internet (CYBER CAFE) and presently in a small hotel and want to move out of this country as soon as the fund is out of here and your kind help is required.I have all the legal deposit document and will scan for you to see and understand me properly and my ID as well.
walting for your urgent respond and email Please.
Thanks And God
Bless You
Quien Jello

Misty's reply:
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 05:24:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Misty Meaner"
Subject: your email
Dear Quien
I received your email today.
How can I help you?
I am looking forward to hearing from you again with the details.
Misty Meaner

Fred's reply:
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 05:21:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Fred Sanford"
Subject: Hi Quien
Hi Quien,
I was happy to receive your email. Please let me know how I can be of assistance to you.
Fred Sanford

Quien sends Fred and Misty basically the same reply from a new email address; however Fred's email did not include the two photos:

Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 00:27:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Patel Quien Jelo"
Subject: Dear Fred, Thanks for your email
To: [fred sanford and misty meaner]
Dear Fred,
Thanks for your email, Here is my data's and my father;
My Data's:
My Name: Miss Quien Jello
My Age: 26 Years
My Occupation: Medical Student Before The War Started And In Level 2
Marital status: Single And No Baby Yet
Nationality: Sierra Leone
My Father Data's:
His Name: Mr. Patel Jello
Occupation: Exporter Of Gold Durst
Age Before His Death : 52
Nationality: Sierra Leone.
I need your help for the clearance of my fund to your country where i want to invest and want to discuss with you in details once i hear your response by phone and email as this fund is the only hope of my life and it involves huge sum i need your help for the clearance and transfer.
As i told you earlier, name is Quien and am here in Benin Republic with my younger brother in a hotel called hotel Peace here which we arrived some days now we are from Sierra Leone and have been in a country called Abidjan - Cote d'Ivoire in the camp And here in Benin republic we entered as a refugee though we are not in the refugee camp and that is why we have access to Internet to write to you. Please we need your assistance and help and that is why we are writing you now.
Before the death of my father, he used my name to deposit some money and quantity of gold whose weight is about 153 Kilo Gold as it is written in the documents, and my name is the next of kin in the FINANCE COMPANY HERE IN BENIN REPUBLIC. THE TOTAL AMOUNT DEPOSITED HERE FOR US IS VALUED AT $9.5 MILLION DOLLARS. And am standing as the beneficiary but cannot lay claim because here they do not allow refugees to operate account in the bank here and the finance company has contacted us to come and have our fund cleared . You see, we came here by ship some days now and it is very difficult for us here and we want to relocate there once the fund is in your care there.
All i need from you is to help us get the total money transferred into your account for investment once we change the beneficiary in your name and favor as the person we authorize and empower for the clearance. Sir if you can do me a favor i promise you will also benefit from it, you will also provide who will buy this gold since it is the only thing lift for us and we hope to Cotonou our education from were we stoped, as well put my younger brother in a good position in life. I will appreciate if you call me on phone as our room number is 00229 93 07 26 38.
You must trust me the way i trusted you because this fund is the only hope of my life and living and i trust you, am trusting you and sending you my photos and passport and the deposit for you to understand me and my position and please you must keep everything about my fund to yourself as i do not want anything to happen to me when i relocate to your country after the transfer must have been effected into your account.
i want to know if you can arranged and come down here to enable you comprehend my position here and face the fact and help me Rom your open heart.I need all your details so that i will summit it to my attorney to enable him contact you for the effect and transfer of the money into you bank account in your country . I will attach my pictures and pasport in my next email to you.
I need your full data's as follows;
Your Full Name
Your Address
Your Telephone Your occupation
Your Age
Your Scan Passport Or Driving Lincens.
Thanks And God Bless You

The photos ( click on photo for largest view);


Sallyxoxo said...

Hiya. I was contacted by the Patel Quien Jelo and i wanted to reply back to ask where she got my email address from. Do you think its a good idea? Can u reply to my email address. Thanks xoxo

RTS said...

I don't have your email address; so I can't reply to it.
It is unlikely that a scammer/spammer will tell you where or how they obtained your email.

tash said...

hey there! just looking up what gold durst exactly was only to discover that QUIEN JELLO is also a LETISHA AISHA EZEH????

yeah she contacted me last saturday and it didnt open it until monday...Wow this chick is full on hey? she'll try anything by the souds of it..

I have to say the biggest thank you to you all for this blog and sharing your stories on here..

I was going to fall for it too!!
and would have if i wasnt searching for wat this "gold durst" whats happens now? has she never been caught?

RTS said...

It's impossible to find out any real information about these scammers. Just because the photo used in two scams is the same doesn't mean it's the same scammer doing both scams. There's no telling who the person in the photo actually is.The woman in the photo may not even have any involvement whatsoever. Who knows?