Thursday, May 8, 2008

Operation Chaos.

First, a bit of background information for my readers outside the U.S..
Quite a number of conservative Republicans have blamed Democrat and independent voters, who crossed over to vote in the Republican primaries, for John McCain's success in those primaries thereby giving him the momentum to capture that party's nomination.
Republicans in the later primaries really had no for a different Republican candidate would have been a wasted vote.
Along comes radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh with his plan for Operation Chaos.For months, Rush has been asking Republicans to cross over and vote in the Democrat primary.....for Hillary Clinton.
There seems to be little doubt that this has had an effect on the primary.It's difficult to determine exactly how many Republicans have done as Rush asked, but Hillary has managed to remain in the race longer than she would have without these crossovers.
Of course, many in the mainstream media have misunderstood the motives behind Operation Chaos. The liberal talking heads say that Republicans are trying to get Hillary chosen as the Democrat candidate because she will be easier for McCain to beat.They've missed the point.The objective of Operation Chaos is to keep the Democrat primary process going on as long as possible so that the Democrats will continue their in-fighting......thus causing chaos within the Party.
Operation Chaos has been more successful in this than could have been imagined.As long as Hillary remains in the race the more likely there will be further chaos at the Democrat National Convention.
It's not going to be pretty.

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