Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bob Barr For President.

It's not often that I find myself in disagreement with Michelle Malkin, but she doesn't like the idea of a Bob Barr Candidacy .
I'd been hoping for a top notch Libertarian to run for the Presidency and with his announcement that he will try for the Libertarian Party nomination, Bob Barr appears to be the one I've been waiting for.
With Barr as President, we won't be seeing the wild Federal spending that both the Democrats and Republicans are so fond of doing.
An Obama Presidency would be a disaster for this country......and McCain is a closet Democrat.
I supported Barr when he was the Congressman representing my district.You couldn't ask for anyone with better Conservative credentials.
There's already talk that Barr will take away votes for McCain giving Obama the edge.This wouldn't have happened had the Republican party stayed true to it's core constituency.
If Barr becomes the "spoiler" then so be it.
If he gets the Libertarian nomination, he'll have my vote in November.
Barr launches Libertarian White House bid
Libertarian Barr announces run for president
Barr '08

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