Friday, May 23, 2008

My Neighbor's Method of Child Rearing.

It's not quite 9:00 AM. Outside, the air is cool and, rather than turn on the air conditioner, I've opened the front door of the apartment.
My neighbor has stepped outside and is using his cellphone. He's talking rather loud and it's impossible not to overhear his side of the conversation. He's upset; he was called to the High School yesterday because his teen aged son was thrown out of school. The offense: it seems Jr. cut his hair into a "mohawk" and dyed his hair purple.
I'm trying to imagine how my dad would have reacted had I done the same.He would not have been happy.
Now, my neighbor wasn't happy, either. But, where as my dad would have been upset with me for acting like an idiot, my neighbor was upset at the school for having sent his son home.
While talking to whoever on the cell phone, my neighbor felt the need to let loose with every obscenity in the English language.(It seems he may be one of those folks who can't complete a sentence without the words F#$% or S%^& in it).
He told the person on the other end that the school Principal advised him that he would have to watch his language or he'd be escorted from school property.
The school authorities had given him the option of taking the son home and washing out the purple color.......purple hair is too much of a distraction to be allowed at school. "Well", my neighbor told them, "F#$# school policy!!!!".
Just another example of our culture going to hell in a hand basket.

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