Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More on the Barr Candidacy.

No doubt, the Libertarians made a good choice picking Bob Barr as their presidential candidate.
The second place choice, Dr. Mary Ruwart, would have been a disaster. She reportedly signed the, so called, "911 truther statment" and made some disturbing statements in the past concerning child porn:
"Children who willingly participate in sexual acts have the right to make that decision as well, even if it's distasteful to us personally. Some children will make poor choices just as some adults do in smoking and drinking to excess. When we outlaw child pornography, the prices paid for child performers rise, increasing the incentives for parents to use children against their will." (from "").
I'm not so sure about the Libertarian candidates for other offices. I'm not impressed with the Party's candidate for the U.S. Senator for Georgia, Allen Buckley.
With Barr, the Libertarians may, for the first time since 1980, capture more than 1% of the popular vote and might actually receive an Electoral College vote......something they've only managed once before (in 1972). Would it be too optimistic to hope they could carry one State?
Barr may not be able to do what no other Third Party candidate has ever done, but, he will have an impact on this election.... if only as a spoiler.

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