Saturday, May 31, 2008

Test Results.

In an effort to keep down the cost of health insurance, the company where I work is providing a free, on site clinic for the employees who have the company's health insurance.
To take advantage of this, I had to have a medical evaluation which included a blood test. The results of the test came in a few days back and I had my consultation with the nurse practitioner Thursday.
Most of my numbers look fine.....with the exception of my triglycerides and LDL which were both a little too high.The NP remarked how pleasantly surprised she was with the level of my HDL. She said most men have very low levels of HDL.....far below the 40 mg/dL minimum. Mine was 51 which puts my LDL/HDL ratio at 3.2 which ain't bad. I believe the HDL number I have comes from my eating a lot of fish and drinking a lot of tea.
Still, even with the 3.2 ratio, it's a good idea to reduce my LDL. The NP recommends I try omega 3 fish oil supplements. I'm also going to cut down on the fried foods, egg yolks and switch from whole milk to low fat.
I've an appointment to have another blood test in August so we can see if changing my diet can change my bad cholesterol levels.
I'm optimistic.

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