Friday, June 27, 2008

Anonymous Comments.

For several months now, I've not allowed anonymous comments on this blog. Most of the time,folks who want to leave nasty remarks don't want to identify themselves in any way so they'll hide behind a wall.

I kept this policy in order to maintain a certain level on the blog but it has limited the number of comments I receive. I'm changing the settings so, for the time being, anonymous comments will be allowed. If it turns out that I get too many comments that go beyond the limits of good taste I'll return to limiting comments to folks with blogspot accounts.

Let's see how it works out.

Update Sept. 24, 2008
I've received a few comments from "anonymous" after changing my comment policy. As I mentioned before, folks who hide behind the anonymous label are, generally, cowards who leave snotty remarks and then run away and hide.I have no intention of completely eliminating anonymous comments.....everyone can have their say - within certain limits. I did consider comment moderation, but, at least for the time being, I'll not do that. The anonymous cowards can still leave their snotty comments, but if I find those comments particularly offensive, I'll simply delete them.
This is my blog, so I am the sole judge of what is or is not an offensive comment.If you have a problem with this.....write a post on your own blog.

For an example of what can happen to anonymous comments go here: evolutionary theory......

Update: Oct.08, 2008
After a series of harassing "anonymous" comments coming from the Ga. Dept. of Education servers in Dallas, GA., I decided to enable comment moderation.
see: Comments from Georgia Dept of Education.

Update: Nov.13,2008
I'm changing settings, again, to allow anonymous comments.

Update: Jan.2,2010
Due to a recent harassing comment, I've decided to moderate comments until further notice. No anonymous comments.

Update: July 27, 2010
For more on my thoughts on anonymous comments, read Ujiosama Rides Again.

Update: April 27, 2012
According to Google Analytics, I've been getting quite a few hits.....many more than would be supposed if you go by the sparse number of comments. I'm thinking my comment policy has discouraged some from leaving comments when they drop by; I'm going to allow anyone to comment -including anonymous - to see if this helps.

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