Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sorry,Carlin Wasn't Funny.

In a piece for, writer,Michael Rechtshaffen observes,
"If you drove past The Laugh Factory on Sunset Blvd. yesterday, you'd see "GEORGE CARLIN REST IN PEACE. MAKE GOD LAUGH" on the marquee, while flowers covered his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."
That seems an ironic obit for an atheist.Besides, it would be difficult for Carlin to make God laugh.....Carlin wasn't funny.
Carlin is most famous for his Seven Words You Can't Say On T.V. routine. It was shocking at the time, but only boring today and certainly not a laugh riot.
Otherwise, he came across as pessimistic, sarcastic and bitter.
Carlin wasn't funny.


cissi said...

In today's sociery sarcastic and bitter is funny.

Geekoid said...

I honestly thought his observations and analyses of life in general were pretty funny, but I guess some folks don't get into that the way I do.