Wednesday, June 18, 2008

D is for Download Day.

Like a gazillion other folks around the world, I pledged to download Firefox 3 on Download Day to help Firefox make a Guinness World record for most downloads in one day.
I had the email alerts so I'd know when the day would arrive. I was told the day would be June 17. OK, fine.
One problem, though.On the original email notice, there was no information as to when June 17, by their calculation, would start.Would the day begin when it became June 17 in Australia....or wherever the day first starts?
When I checked the site at 12:30 AM here, the Mozilla page had Firefox 3RC and not 3. So, I waited until the morning when I was sure their June 17 had arrived. Still, it had the 3RC version.I downloaded it, not certain if it would go towards the record or not.
Later that afternoon, I received another email alert telling me when the Firefox "June 17" would start and stop. According to the email, June 17 would end June 18 at 17:00 UTC. That's 1:00 PM where I live.That means my downloading 3RC wouldn't go towards the record, after all.
I wanted to make good on my pledge. I went back to the Mozilla page and this time, I was able to download the official Firefox 3.
I was using the 3RC to download the exe file and although the 3RC had kept most of settings and preferences from the previous version, the downloads weren't going automatically to the desktop as I had set it up before.To make a long story short, I couldn't find the file and downloaded the exe file for version 3 a second time.That was when I found the first file.
I extracted the file,installed said file and I'm now running Firefox 3.
I suppose this new browser loads a little faster but, otherwise, I haven't seen anything remarkable. Sure, I haven't been using it very long and I have yet to discover all there is about the new version.
I'm sure Mozilla will be happy with their record. When the final numbers come out, we'll need to subtract one download from the total.

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