Friday, June 6, 2008

Mr. Goody Two Shoes Smokes Cigarettes.

How did we miss this? Why did it take so long for us to hear about this?
Mr. Goody Two Shoes himself (Barack Obama) is a smoker.....or as reports say, he is chewing Nicorette to help him break the habit.
It's good that he's trying to quit. I know how difficult it can be for someone who has smoked cigarettes as long as he to give it up. I wish him luck.
But, it bothers me that this has kept a secret. In politics, image is everything and I'm sure that had a photo of him smoking appeared early in the primary races it would have harmed his chances. I don't think he would have come this far had such a photo appeared around the time of the early Oprah endorsements.
I found a photo on the Internet of Obama with a cigarette in his mouth....I have no way of knowing if it's for real or if it's been photoshopped.
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Update Link :
Still Smokin'


Dominique said...

How does that stack up to Bill Clinton's cigars?

Ooooh...these Democrats!

RTS said...

Maybe Bill smoked cigars because he was trying to .....uhh....compensate.

Anonymous said...

oh brother! obamas a human being. i know cigarettes are bad and its not a positive image but geeze! would you want someone coming in your house and telling you you could have a beer or go out and smoke? I think we americans should be focused on bigger things like war, environment & education than obamas pretty lungs.

RTS said...

I guess you're right.......we should be focused on more important issues, like,say,does the candidate support infanticide?