Monday, June 23, 2008

Bob Barr's Youtube Campaign.

Here's a recent email to me from Bob Barr's campaign:

Dear Friend,
Can you take 30 seconds to help me out?
As the eCampaign Manager for Bob Barr's campaign, I'm one of the guys who stays up all hours of the night, Diet Coke in hand, developing and delivering content to the web.

Since Bob first announced his exploratory committee, we've been producing videos and content for many different "Web 2.0" uses but I'm most proud of the work that we've put into our YouTube page.

Several times a week, we are posting new videos and clips of Bob's media appearances.
These videos are posted not just to inform supporters of Bob's latest media hits, but to persuade others.
That's where you come in! Click the new feature on the front page to take you to our Official Youtube Channel. Check back often by scrolling down & clicking the YouTube Icon in the Social Networking section. Once there, do a few things for me each time you visit:

* We keep our videos short and to the point so always watch the latest clips.
*On your first visit to Bob's YouTube channel, be sure to click the "Subscribe" button. This is really important as the more subscribers we have, the more people we can reach as our ranking improves. Also, by subscribing you'll be informed when we post new videos.
*Leave comments (be sure to register with YouTube first - don't worry, it's free). Keep it positive and supportive as that will do wonders for persuading others.
*"Rate and Favorite" each video. Five stars are always appreciated!
*Most importantly, share our campaign videos with your friends and family by clicking "send video" and e-mail it out to as many people you can reach.

Right now, our video team is working on an INCREDIBLE video that will be ready at the end of next week - another reason to subscribe. We also regularly have the latest media clips from the campaign posted not too long after they are aired.

That's why it's important to me that you visit the campaign YouTube page often to view and, more importantly - share - our videos with others.

Please visit our YouTube channel today and let me know what you think by rating our videos and subscribing.
Thanks for everything and look for more videos coming soon!
In Liberty,

Martin Avila
eCampaign Manager
Bob Barr 2008

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