Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dubai detains 79 for.....stupidity.

How can people can so stupid?
You'd think, after last week's arrest of British nationals,Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer for drunken, public sex on Jumeirah Beach in Dubai, most foreigners there would use a bit of discretion.
Not so.
According to news reports, [Dubai detains 79 for indecent behavior on beaches Dubai gets tough on nudity after sex show ] at least 79 have been arrested in Dubai for "disturbing families enjoying the beach" by engaging in "topless sunbathing, nudity and other forms of indecent behaviour".
It's not like they weren't warned. If a blogger living half-way around the world has heard about the arrest of Acors and Palmer then, surely, everyone staying in Dubai knows about it.
From one article:
"Signs warning tourists in Arabic, English and several other languages not to sunbathe topless or change clothes in public has been erected, along with watchtowers.
Police have warned that first-time offenders may be issued with a warning, but if caught twice, tourists could be referred to the public prosecutor for possible criminal charges."
So, these 79 were caught twice?
How many more were caught once, but were smart enough not to be caught a second time?
The point isn't whether or not you agree with Dubai's policy on public nudity. Anyone with an ounce of common sense should know that it's not going to be tolerated in a Muslim country.

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