Friday, July 11, 2008

Sex Sells.....but, you already knew that.

Thanks, in part, to one of my blog posts being linked to my two posts from yesterday [can-she-still-wear-white-wedding-dress? and michelles-partner-in-crime] generated more than the usual amount of traffic to the blog.
As you may recall, those posts dealt with the story of two British nationals - Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer- who now face a possible six year prison sentence in Dubai on charges stemming from drunken, public sex on Jumeirah Beach.
This is similar to the increased traffic I received with two posts [video-of-surgery-.... and philippine-surgery-video-update] that covered a story of emergency room doctors in Cebu removing an aerosol can from a man's rectum and a video of the operation showing up on You Tube.
It just goes to show, that stories about sex (and misfortune) bring in the people.
While it is nice to receive hits from new visitors, it would be much nicer if some of them would click on my Google ads.

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