Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Food for Thought.

This is one of those stories that is so far-fetched that it can't possibly be anything other than a hoax.
However,the article on claims that it's the truth, so I'll take it at face value.
According to the web site, in Britain, "the National Children's Bureau, which receives £12 million a year, mainly from Government funded organisations, has issued guidance to play leaders and nursery teachers advising them to be alert for racist incidents among youngsters in their care."
The guidance by the NCB is designed to alert teachers to potentially-racist attitudes in kids in nursery school.
One potential sign of racism in children as young as three, according to the report, is the youngster turning his nose up to "foreign" foods from overseas. Saying re-fried beans (for example) are "yucky", could be evidence that the three year old dislikes Hispanics.
"The guide goes on to warn that children might also "react negatively to a culinary tradition other than their own by saying 'yuk'".
Staff are told: 'No racist incident should be ignored. When there is a clear racist incident, it is necessary to be specific in condemning the action.'"
Are they serious?
Anyone who has spent any time around a toddler knows that they find most unfamiliar food "yucky". As a matter of fact, it's difficult to find many foods that kids that age will eat without complaining.
We can laugh because this happened in Britain and not here in the good ol' USA. But, don't laugh too hard. Something like this could happen here in the not so distant future.

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