Thursday, July 10, 2008

Michelle's partner in crime.

Surfing the Internet, you'll find lots of updates on a story I commented on earlier; [Can she still wear a white wedding dress?]. It's the story of Michelle Palmer and Vince Acors, whose drunken romp on the beach landed the pair in a jail in Dubai. Both are now facing up to six years in prison.You see, public sex between drunken, unmarried couples (who happen, also, to be foreigners) is frowned upon in Dubai.
Who'd a-thunk-it?
It's said the Dubai authorities intend on using Michelle and Vince as an example and will, surely throw the book at them. (the Qur'an,no doubt).
The two had been reported to have been considering marriage in an effort to placate the powers that be, but have now been said to have reconsidered.
Michelle's employer,ITP Publishing Group has fired her. Vince owns his own business so he may be better off in that regard. Perhaps, if they may it out of Dubai in one piece,he can give her a job.

Beach cop saw Michelle on top.
First picture of British businessman whose Dubai beach tryst could put him and his lover in jail for six years .

Here's a photo of Vince from The World Telemedia Corinthia Challenge Cup.

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