Thursday, July 10, 2008

Can she still wear a white wedding dress?

Cape Cod National Seashore officials say that the number of public sex acts committed on their beaches have increased steadily over the past year, with reported incidences going from 40 to 132.
According to an article on Boston
"Complaints have included whale-watchers sailing past large groups of nude men, and families stumbling upon people engaged in sex acts on the pristine national shore that attracts tens of thousands of vacationers from throughout the world each year.
One complaint, issued in 2007, was from a New Jersey family walking in the dunes who encountered couples and a large group of men having “sex in the nude, including oral and anal sex right out in the open,”

No one seems to know why there's an increase......but, it could turn out to be a world-wide phenomenon. There's no mention in the article as to how much the fine is for public sex in the Cape Cod area, but I'm sure it isn't as steep as the punishment that could very well be given to British businesswoman, Michelle Palmer who was caught having drunken, public sex in Dubai.
An article in the reports that Palmer, who works for a magazine firm in Dubai, had been drinking champagne at an morning brunch which, in turn, became an all day drinking binge and sex on the beach with a guy named Vince. (It was reported that Vince is a buddy of one of Palmer's co-workers).
When the police officer first encountered Michelle and Vince playing the beast with two backs on the sea shore, he let them off with a warning. When the cop returned to the scene of the crime,as it were, he found the couple at it again.This time, the cop felt obliged to arrest the pair.
"She is alleged to have called the cop a f****** Muslim **** and tried to hit him with her high-heeled shoe before being restrained."
Being a Muslim country, Dubai considers sex outside marriage to be a criminal offense. Add to that, having the sex in public,being drunk in public, and assaulting a police officer, Michelle Palmer faces a possible six year prison sentence.
It's very possible that the authorities in Dubai will want to use her as an example because the activities of the Westerners there have gotten out of hand.
I can't say I feel sorry for her.
I'm sure a good many Westerners reading this will think I'm being a bit hard on her, but she is an fine example of how we in the West have lost all common sense and decency. She doesn't take sex seriously. She doesn't understand that it is a gift to us from God and not something to be taken lightly and recklessly......with a near stranger....drunken, on the beach.....
As an aside,she and Vince may marry in the hopes that their punishment might be reduced. So much for the sanctity of marriage.

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