Wednesday, October 1, 2008

History's Greatest Rosary on October 4.

From h2onews:
"On Saturday, October 4, dioceses, parishes, movements, and associations are invited to break the world record of the greatest number of people praying the rosary simultaneously.
A group of lay people in Mexico have invited Christian communities around the world to organize a mass Rosary on this day, in a stadium or church, or with family or friends, joining the many other rosary prayers that are being organized around the world.
The initiative began in 1996 as a gift to John Paul II on the 50th anniversary of his priesthood. 29 countries joined this event and in Mexico the rosary was prayed in 2,600 locations with more than 3 million people participating.
In 2000 more than 140 countries participated in the World Day of the Rosary, organizing a great amount of mass Rosaries in churches, stadiums, cathedrals, bullfight arenas, civil piazzas, jails, hospitals, schools, etc., many of which were broadcast through radio or television."

To see video, click here.

Update: In March, 2009....six months after the original post was written, someone in India gave this post a rating of one. Evidently, the person wasn't happy with the post.
Perhaps, their disappointment comes from the fact that the Sept., 2008 video is no longer available. Sorry, the link isn't to a site I control and I don't have any say about the videos.

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