Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama's Birth Certificate.

When I first heard of the lawsuit involving Barack Obama's birth place, my first thought was that this is just the delusional fantasy of some folks desperate to try anything to keep Obama out of the White House.
Just a few days ago, a caller to the Neal Boortz radio program tried to get him to speculate on it but, Neal wouldn't take the bait. He said he was certain Barack was born in Hawaii and this lawsuit was a complete waste of time.
Then, I came across a YouTube video posted on, I have some questions.
The guy bringing the lawsuit in Pennsylvania believes Obama was actually born in Kenya and therefore ineligible to become POTUS. He sights Obama's grandmother who says she was present at the boy's birth. Naturally, Obama has lawyers fighting the case for him.
At first glance, the answer seems obvious; produce a verifiable, certified birth certificate.
Articles on and say that's already happened. There are photos of the document and they say the case is, therefore, closed.
To counter that claim, Pamela Gellar of atlas shrugs presents evidence from an expert in detecting forgeries who claims the Obama Hawaiian Birth Certificate is a forgery.
Obama -or someone backing him- is paying lawyers to fight the lawsuit. Why not just save the money, end the whole thing and give a certified copy of the document to the judge presiding over the lawsuit. That seems the simplest thing.


Dymphna said...

I'd love for it to be true but somehow I can't imagine Obama's mother willingly going to Kenya to have a baby.

Robert said...

That's a good point Dymphna. My wife isn't a U.S. citizen; we have a 3 year old son who was born here in the U.S. In the back of my mind, there was always the thought, before he was born, that if my son was born in Philippines he couldn't become POTUS. In would have been impossible for my wife to convince me to have the baby born outside the country.

Joe said...

Obama's mother didn't go to Kenya to have a baby. She went to visit her husband's country and when she attempted to fly home, she was not allowed to because she was late term.

I also wouldn't try to imagine what Obama's mother would do: she clearly was a bit of a kook.

Also, even IF Obama was born in Hawaii, he lost his citizenship when his mother went to Indonesia and married Obama's step-father who adopted or 'recognized' him, which is confirmed by Obama's Indonesian school records. And by the way, you try teaching a Muslim boy (which Obama was registered as at his school) Christianity, even if in a Catholic school, and that school will be burnt down to the ground!

So, unless he went through the naturalization process on his return from Indonesia up to age 24and given a naturalization certificate, as my own children were, then he is not eligible for the Presidency.

Joe said...

Actually, it is a Certificate of Citizenship, rather than a naturalization certificate.

Robert said...

sorry, Joe, but you have provided no evidence that what you say is true.As much as we'd all like to see Obama not become President we have to deal with honest to goodness facts.