Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Update on "Clueless Nun" Post.

Earlier in the month, I wrote a post on Sister Cecilia Gaudette, [Clueless Nun Supports The Chosen One.] an American Catholic nun living in a convent in Rome, Italy who achieved heavy media attention for supporting Barack Obama.
I was surprised that the post didn't receive more feedback; the post received the first comment yesterday from someone calling herself "Adriana." Adriana wasn't happy with what I wrote about the 106 year old nun. My point was that Sister Cecilia was being taken advantage of by the media because of her support of Obama....without regard to his position on abortion and infanticide.
Of course, Adriana called me a hypocrite. It's a common argument from those who don't wish to address the facts you put forward.
Leaving a comment to Adriana's comment, I discovered that another blog had linked to my post.
I clicked on Storm in a cappuccino cup? 106-year-old nun supports Obama and learned that my blog was referenced to by a Reuters blog.
I've put up a screen shot of the page. The link to my post is in the word "condemnation".
Adriana wasn't the only visitor to that post yesterday, so I don't know which of the Google Analytics info applies to her....but I did learn that one source for yesterday's hits was the words nun supports obama typed into the Google search engine. As you can see from the screen shot from today, my blog post is #3 out of 455,000 for that particular 3 word phrase. ( I took the screen shot as evidence, because stats can change quickly.)


Dominique said...

Wow, Bob, you're famous! See much in hits because of that?

Robert said...

Not really.