Thursday, October 9, 2008

Comments from the Georgia Dept. of Education.

When I arrived home from work, I discovered an inordinate amount of harassing, snotty, anonymous comments left on several of my posts. Someone has taken a dislike to me and what I write; he - or she- took quite a long time going throughout the blog,dropping these little tidbits.

Of course, there's no use looking for those comments now. It was easy enough for me to delete the lot of them. With email notification provided by blogspot, it certainly took less time for me to trash the comments then it did for "anonymous" to read all these posts and comment.

Thanks to Google Analytics, I know a little bit about the person leaving the nasty remarks. Because of the sheer volume of comments, it was easy to track down the source ...... the Ga. Dept. of Education servers in Paulding County.

You would think, that someone working for the Dept. of Education would be smart enough to know about IP addresses.....

Anyway, I've enabled "comment moderation" to frustrate those who are afraid to reveal themselves.

Oh, yeah....and I've contacted the Superintendent of Schools.

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