Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Neal Ignorant, Cowardly Bully.

I want to say from the start that I do not disagree with radio personality, Neal Boortz on every issue. We both agree that the Federal government is too large for the country's good. Neither of us are Obama fans and I don't have a big problem with Boortz' Fair Tax idea - though it should do more to combat government spending.

The one issue on which he and I will never agree is abortion and it is on this subject that I believe him to be an ignorant, cowardly bully.

He is guilty of ignorance when he states that the overall supporters of restrictions on abortion are men who wish to control women's reproductive organs. The men I know who are pro-life are just The notion that men want to control women's reproductive organs is absurd beyond belief. He claims that any emails he receives condemning abortion are exclusively from men. It's as if women are predominately pro-abortion. I personally know more pro-life women than I do women who are pro-abortion. Is that because he and I travel in different circles?

He is a coward because he refuses to allow any phone calls on the abortion issue. Any caller simply mentioning the word will be immediately cut off.

He is a bully because, although he will not allow callers to comment on abortion, he does not hesitate to tell us his opinion on the subject. Needless to say, his opinion is hardly flattering to pro-life Republicans.

Boortz believes that the Republican Party will no longer be a national party of consequence so long as Republicans oppose abortion. On the contrary; Boortz needs to realize that his beloved Libertarian Party will never gain national prominence so long as their platform is pro-abortion. Conservatives appreciate the Libertarian views on the size of government and the need to lower taxes and spending, but we don't like the Party's abortion stance.
Boortz' abortion views may go a long way to explaining why he will never reach the popularity of Limbaugh and Hannity among Conservatives.


yep said...

boortz chooses not to talk about abortion because he knows he will loss listeners. i stopped listening when i learned about his stans on the issue and chooses not to talk about it.

Anonymous said...

same here, in my opinion if you can't figure out that killing innocent children is a bad thing, your judgment on all other matters is really irrelevant.


Anonymous said...

Today Boortz stated that the argument comes down to whether the government or the woman should decide whether a pregnancy is terminated. >>> What "Pro-Choicers" simply don't understand is that we "Pro-Lifers" or "Anti-Choicers"; A. Absolutely believe that the fetus is a human being who should be Constitutionally protected. and B. Because we believe the above is the case, for us the answer is that neither the government NOR the woman should have the right to terminate it. If the GOP tries to abandon this position, I believe they will - once again forget who their base is. (I would settle for a return of the issue to the states.) There's been over 50 million abortions since 1973! Compare that to 6 million jews in the halocaust!

Glenda said...

I agree with you on the way Neal Boortz approaches the abortion dilemma. Just today, January 26, 2011, I briefly tuned in to hear him ranting about abortion and how it will cause the Republican party to lose votes. I am an African-American woman who is staunchly opposed to abortion because I believe it is murder and the taking of innocent lives. I also belive it harms the woman who has the abortion- physically, mentally and emotionally- but you won't hear him say that. Anyway, nice blog.