Friday, April 17, 2009

Rome, Georgia's Tea Party.

Like countless other cities and towns throughout the country, Rome , Georgia (where I live) held it's own tea party this past Wednesday (April, 15th).

I couldn't attend, but I was able to snatch this photo from the Rome-News Tribune website. The photo shows a number of women - dressed as squaw - dumping tea into the Oostanaula river from the Chief John Ross Memorial Bridge.

I find it amusing that this bridge was used as the spot from which to dump the tea. The bridge is relatively new and was the cause of a bit of controversy - many locals saw its construction as a complete waste of tax payer money. Our own little bridge to nowhere.

If it serves no other purpose than a place to hold tax-protest rallies, the bridge may be worthwhile after all.

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Theresa Bates said...

I actually wanted to attend the tea party.... until I read it was being held on the footbridge. I boycott anything that shows even the slightest support for a waste of taxpayers money. Alas, since I live in Rome, I stay home.