Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Obama's Resignation.

As usual, I started my day reading that magnificent blog, D'offus of the Big-Doofus. It was there that I first learned the news that Barack Obama is resigning as President of the United States.
You can't imagine how excited I am to read this.
The link to the Big Doofus post is My Resignation.
The whole story can be found on the Internet News Network web site...Obama Resigns.


Al said...

The only thing that keeps me from wishing this would be real is the fact that then Biden would be president.

Right now we are in a lose-lose situation. Actually a lose-lose-lose situation as Pelosi is next in line aften Biden.

Robert said...

Biden and Pelosi do not have the cult following that BHO has and neither one is nearly as charismatic.
They wouldn't be able to accomplish as much damage as Obama.

LarryD said...

Well, though this isn't true, it is interesting that the stock market is doing well while Obama is overseas. Maybe he can take up residence in the Netherlands or France or something...

Anonymous said...

I agree with both Al's [lose-lose-lose situation] and Robert's assessment [Biden and Pelosi don't have the cult following] but I think they both have the capacity and the mind-set to lead America down the same path as Obama.

Pelosi recently looked like a Jack-in-the-box, constantly jumping up and down, applauding, when seated behind Obama during one of his speeches.

As for Biden, I've seen how he is when he's around Obama and I really don't think that Biden likes Obama too much. I feel that he is more politically savvy, however, I don't trust any of them.