Saturday, June 25, 2016

June 25 Gardening Update

In the June 19 gardening update, I included a photo of the property taken just before the rains as well as photos taken after a few days of rainfall. It's rained quite a lot since that post - mostly during the night while everyone's asleep. In this post, you'll see the results of the additional rain that's fallen since the 19th.

One of the photos show the weeds making their way toward the butternut squash. I another the weeds are approaching the eggplant.

One photo shows the two goats put out onto the property. As I noted in the earlier post, old farts like me aren't into taking up a hoe to clear out the weeds. The common solution here is to put goats on the problem. My wife's Papa brought in the two goats to eat the weeds. I don't know if my wife mentioned to him that that was what I wanted, or if it's just a case of great minds thinking alike. At any rate I'm happy to see the goats.

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